Citizens State Bank of Sealy was founded by a group of local businessmen on May 20, 1907, with a starting capital of $25,000 and total assets of $46,000. The capital was divided into 250 shares with a par value of $100 each, according to the terms of the bank’s charter, which was signed on August 3rd of the same year. The first bank president was R. A. Engelking, who also served as president of the Oil Mill in Sealy. Other founding directors of the bank were John Hackbarth, Herman Kersten, Sr., Alex Kloss, John Damek, C.C. Luhn, Edward Kennedy, and Dr. W. Schomoeller. The bank’s first home was located next to the old Sealy News building on Main Street.

By 1917, Citizens State Bank had outgrown the Main Street location and relocated to the corner of Main and Fowlkes in a two-story brick structure. It remained there until the mid-1960’s, when it moved to the current location. Houston Lighting and Power Company later occupied this building.

At one time in the early 1900’s Sealy was the home of three banks. But with the onset of the Great Depression in the 1930’s, the other two facilities were forced to close, thus leaving Citizens State Bank the only survivor of this era. It remained the only bank in town until the 1980’s.

After the Depression, the bank continued to grow and prosper. In 1964 the bank employed nine people and had assets of six million dollars. By the mid-1960’s, it had once again outgrown its home on Main and Fowlkes Streets. Since Main Street was the hub of Sealy, the bank wanted to stay in this area, so it purchased the property at the corner of Main and Highway 36 and the officers announced plans to build a brand new structure on this acquisition. In 1966 the bank began construction of a new banking facility. The proposed structure was designed by Houston architect E. Kelly Gaffney, at a projected cost of two hundred thousand dollars. Work began on May 26 of that year.

On January 19, 1967, in the sixtieth year of operation for Citizens State Bank, the bank’s new home was completed. At the same time of the move to the new quarters, new leadership began. Hugo Hess stepped down as President and John R. Selman took over the reins. Other officers included Leroy Zapalac, Vice President; Dr. O.F. Bock, Vice President; Wayne Schomburg, Cashier; and Frank Vecera, Assistant Cashier.

By 1977, Citizens State Bank had to expand again to accommodate its growth. Rather than constructing new accommodations, expansion was accomplished by adding over 3,000 square feet to the present location, plus three new drive-in windows. The work was completed in 1978. In that same year, John Selman decided to retire as president of the bank and was succeeded by Leroy Zapalac.

In 1998 a complete renovation was given to the interior of the bank to make it the modern, beautiful facility it is now. On April 1, 2011 Mr. Zapalac stepped down and Bill Burttschell became President and CEO. Mr. Burttschell led the Bank for the next four years where he then handed his responsibilities over to his son, Brad Burttschell.  Brad Burttschell took over as President and CEO in October 2015 where he continues to serve to this day.  Citizens State Bank employs thirty-five people in a 12,000 square foot building and has grown to assets over $350 million.

From the small group of men who established the bank in 1907, Citizens State Bank has grown steadily, thanks to the support of its loyal customers. It is a friendly, hometown bank looking forward to serving this community for years to come.